What is Keypress?

Keypress is a program that enables it's user to monitor the usage of his computer. Keypress is intended as an overall worktime monitoring program, the user can follow his worktime on monthly basis. It creates reports of when the user started to use the computer and when he stopped using it.

Keypress is divided into two parts, the daemon and the utilities/gui. The deamon is responsible of collecting the data from /proc/interrupts and storing that. The utilities are small commands that the user can run.

Keypress works only for local users, i.e., it measures how much the local keyboard has been used. No remote user activity is included.


  • Tracks the beginning and end of keyboard activity each day
  • Very lightweight daemon
  • Email report each month to a configurable address
  • Work time calculation and overtime calculations per day/month
  • Configurable weekly working days
  • Working days can be marked as being holidays, vacations, sick days, exluding them from overtime calculations
The main features of keypress ui are:
  • Gnome UI, uses GTK 2 to look good
  • Categorization of days with just a right click with mouse
  • Counting of vacation days
  • Printing support
Extra features:
  • gDesklet to display crucial statistics (package keypress-gdesklet)
  • Possibility to add public holiday data packages so that all public holidays (christmas, easter, midsummer, independence day, whatnot) are automatically categorized as holidays. (Currently Finland 2006 is provided by package keypress-data-fi-fi)

What do I need to install it? To make it work you need a working Gnome2 setup. Any recent distro should do. In addition to Gnome2, you will need the perl Gtk2 libraries installed. (if you use Debian, add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list : deb http://debian.vakevainen.fi/ unstable main

and install with apt-get install keypress keypress-ui. This will install all the required packages.


The source distribution is available from http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/keypress/.





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